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Another Kind Of Story - Juicyfur - Juicyfur (CD, Album)

2 thoughts on “ Another Kind Of Story - Juicyfur - Juicyfur (CD, Album)

  1. Oct 03,  · What those tabloid "newspapers" publish are, for the most part, attempts at juiciness. Interestingly, juicy stories seem juicier when a lot of the details are manufactured, or at least colored by the story teller's interpretation. In other words, some of the juiciest are almost pure fabrication (which is a "nice" word for lies).
  2. The Allmusic review by Stewart Mason awarded the album 3½ stars stating "from the lubricious title and cover photo on down, there's a certain 'swingin' at Hef's pad' vibe to the proceedings that makes this album of particular interest to latter-day hipsters. Most of the song selection consists of soul-jazz covers of popular hits of the day.

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